North East Hospitality Panel Event @TheTownWallPub

The panellists : Ram Walia, Richard Macdonald, Christina Denton, Alastair Gilmour, Andy Hook and Adam Munday

Last night saw the first North East Hospitality Trade Panel event take place at the Town Wall, Newcastle.

The idea was to bring together a variety of people from within the industry to discuss what makes for a successful business in times of economic uncertainty. There was the opportunity to network and have a bite to eat.  The panel were chosen from a cross-section of businesses, owner managed to Multi National companies so that a wide variety of views could be aired and the guests certainly learned from the panel.

The over-riding theme throughout the evening was that of ‘Customer Experience’.  The conclusion to be drawn is that customers do not mind paying decent money for good service, quality food and drink in a safe, friendly atmosphere.

We helped RCM and the team organise the event, from choosing and bringing the first panel members together to chasing busy attendees, to getting them there on the evening. And we had lots of fun hosting the event too! The plan is to roll out the North East Hospitality panel events on a regular basis. So if you know anyone interested in helping support, sponsor, be a panel member or host, please contact

Read more about the event and how fantastic RCM are on their website. You could also take a look at the work we’ve done for RCM over the last few months.