One of my associates sent me through an article today using the phrase – the new normal.

Lots of small business owners have furloughed staff, or for those self-employed working for themselves are struggling until June. It’s certainly not business as usual. Time is something many of us are short of, so try to dig deep and use this time wisely.

As an owner and Director of two small businesses, it has been really hard for the first few weeks of social distancing and staying at home. Stone Collective has had a few clients and new clients who are using the time wisely to plan for when we’re back at work – back to the new normal.

Here’s a few simple things you can be doing on your business from a marketing and design perspective:

  • If you’e not done so already, speak to customers or clients. Don’t sell to them, just check in to see how things are.
  • Keep in touch with your newsletter (one a month is good).
  • Revisit your website – either look at a new design or just refresh the content.
  • Create a simple sales and marketing plan. It doesn’t have to be War and Peace – just enough planning for the initial 3 months when we return to work.
  • Set some sales goals and targets for those 3-6 months.
  • If you are selling B2B, work on your prospect data and develop a ‘wish’ list of clients or customers who you think might benefit from your services. There’s nothing to stop you contacting them whilst we’re working from home. Use LinkedIn for this and if you have prospect data which has telephone permissions then call them.

We have a little capacity to take on one more website project at the moment, so if you think your site needs a refresh in design, please get in touch. There’s also funding still available for marketing and design and depending on what area of the North East your business is located, you could get up to 40% of the overall cost.