Business development is important to any business, whether big or small.

Like many small business owners, I have built my businesses through developing opportunities with other businesses and like minded people who refer business to us on a regular basis.

At Stone Collective we work with organisations to deliver their business development, which leads to the creation of opportunities and new business.

Here’s out top 5 tips for business development:

  1. Be seen (and heard). You can’t be at every single business network, so try out and choose which networks work for you. Try to attend at least one networking event per week and stick to this.
  2. Don’t let good relationships go cold. Book in an update meeting with business associates who are keen referrers and make sure you give them opportunities back.
  3. Don’t put off following up leads. One client said to me “Having a lead is like getting a piece of fish. If you don’t do something with it quickly it will go off”. Invest in a CRM like Zoho or even use a one which is free like Capsule for managing those warm leads.
  4. Get the balance right between business development and your actual work. Record how much business development you are doing in a daily timesheet and monitor to see what works and do more of it in your sales and marketing plan moving forwards.
  5. Have a plan. If you don’t have a sales and marketing plan with clear goals, how can you expect to achieve anything?

If you are really struggling, outsource your business development to someone who can do it for you. Someone like us. As one of our clients puts it “You’ve fitted into our organisation perfectly!”

Please get in touch if you need help.