Diggly Dog WalkingDiggly comes from a saying we have in our home, when our Springer Spaniel Toby is so happy to be around us, his rear end wiggles, “diggly-wiggly!”.

Who is Diggly Dog Walking?  I’m Kirsten Moorin and I love dogs and cats.

Dogs have always been part of my life.
My first memories of dogs were my godmother’s yorkies back in the 70’s, and my neighbour’s miniature toy poodles I used to walk and play with.  Then one day my parents, probably by accident, were talked into looking after a rescue Springer Spaniel called Sam, temporarily!

He lived with us for 12 years.  Over the years we adopted two more Springers.
Growing up people always asked that inevitable question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer usually was “a Vet”.  The reality was I wasn’t academic, so in 1987 I tried to join the Army as I really want to join the Military Police and work with the dogs.

But for some reason they said ‘come back in a year or so’.  I was young and needed a career.  After attending MonkwearmouthCollege, I was a suitably qualified Secretary.  I ended up working in the Civil Service for many years as an Executive PA, until I left to have a family.

I spent the best years at home raising my children; I saw opportunities of combining a balance between home life and work.  The creative side of me surfaced in 2009 and I set up Buttery CupCakes with a friend.

Deciding on what we were good at, baking, administration and realising that cupcakes were the IN THING!  We home-baked, hand decorated and sold at markets and made bespoke orders.  My friend’s husband took seriously ill, and baking became too much of a commitment for her so she left after a year.

I went solo, but found the passion was not there anymore and closed shop in November 2011.  Then Toby came into my life!

What can I say “a dog changed my life”?  He brought routine in the hours the children were at school, exercise I would not normally do, pure enjoyment and an idea.  I researched into dog walking, looked at all the businesses locally, and talked to dog walkers for advice.

In March 2012, Diggly Dog Walking went into operation.  My first dogs came via Gumtree, then the rest by walking and talking, word of mouth from friends and cub scouts!

Diggly Dog Walking has naturally grown for me in my first year and with probably having one of the coldest and longest winters I’ve not been put off.  I walk with the dogs Monday – Friday, 2-4 times a day, in all weathers.  I now incorporate dog day care for up to 3 dogs, group walks for up to 4 dogs, dog home visits, cat sitting and small animal care (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters etc).  I live and carry out the pet services in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne and cover the surrounding areas.  So from aspiring to work with animals from a child, it’s now a reality and I love it!

If you would like to know more about Diggly Dog Walking & Pet Services you can visit my new website www.digglydogwalking.co.uk, which was created by Vicki Stone Marketing.