4 Ps

On Monday morning  it was back to school nerves for me. It wasn’t my old school, but the Newcastle Lifestyle Academy at Newcastle College.

As part of their Enterprise Week, I ran two sessions with the Chef’s Academy students on Marketing their healthy food products.

After working in advertising and marketing for over 16 years now, you’ll be amazed at how many companies focus on the features more than the benefits in their comms. It’s amazing how keeping it simple and looking at your products individually and talking to your customers first really works.

So, we had a lively couple of sessions with the students, focussing on features and benefits of products and generating some good ideas for promoting products. It all starts with an idea and the groups I worked with were not short of some great ideas.

We went ‘back to basics’ and looked at the 4 ‘P’s in relation to the development of their healthy foods.

If you’re struggling with your features and benefits, or just need a refresh with your marketing comms, please get in touch Vicki@stonecollective.co.uk

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