Donna Petch from The North East Hub


It was a fresh start coming back to the North East after 3 great years in Leeds working as a Medicinal Chemist in Cancer Research. Now I was eager to get a Chemist position in the North East. Whilst I was waiting for replies I wondered if I could find something else to do that I would both enjoy and be good at?

I am a very socially active person and for the past few years I have been an Ambassador for Science involving Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and volunteered at Newcastle and Manchester Science Festivals – the geeky side of me has to get out some way! Music is also a great passion of mine too and I have run and promoted a few music festivals, and even a friend’s band – I loved this and seemed to be good at it!

Then I attended a networking event at Sunderland University called ‘Informal Friday’, an event where anyone can turn up discuss ideas and also show their entrepreneurial side! It was here I came away with the idea of helping to promote the North East with an online organisation in some way! I had to ask myself a few questions:

  • Q. Who could my online organisation help? Answer – Anyone in the North East!
  • Q. How? Answer – Using Social Media, Blogs, tutorials and More!The North East Hub




The North East HUB was born! I quickly started by setting up several Social Media Sites and we now have a big following. Then I launched the blog site and went on the hunt to find a small army of guest authors who kindly contribute to our blog site each week.

Why would people of the North East want to contact The North East HUB I hear you say?

Contact us if –

  • You’re puzzled by Social Media (e.g. Twitter, facebook) or SEO (how to increase views on your website)? – We can help you set up Social Media and we give separate Social Media and SEO tutorials on how to use Social Media effectively, and how to get more visitors to your website!
  • You want the North East to know about you! If you have a business, event, competition, charity, website etc that you want the North East to know about – we can help spread the word by promoting you across our social media, in a review, in a promotional blog and more!
  • You want advice about blogs or want to set a blog up – We can set up a blog for you and provide advice on how blogs work and how you should use it to suit you!

So far The North East HUB has helped to promote – Numerous local Businesses, events, competitions, charities etc across our Social Networks, Businesses in our weekly Promotional Blogs and local singer Jason Isaacs with his successful campaign to win a record contract! We hope we can help you too, please get in touch!

Donna Petch