DIY Marketing with Vicki Stone MarketingWithin our business we deliver a variety of marketing workshops, including DIY marketing workshops.  We have lots of clients who outsource one project or all of their marketing and design. We have some clients who we create the tools for delivering their own marketing too.

Three important questions we ask all clients interested in doing their own marketing are ; What are people telling you to do more of? What do you think need to be doing more of ?, Can you DIY it or would it be better to outsource?

Companies get tonnes of advice from their design company, marketing consultants, customers, suppliers and associates with helpful (and not-so-helpful) advice like –  “you should be tweeting more”, “start a poll on linked in”, “don’t cold call on a Monday”, “blog more”, “get networking”, “send e-newsletters”, but does your business really need to do it all?

Customer research is crucial, and not just when you’re starting a new business. You need to conduct regular customer research to gain feedback on customer service/why they bought from you in the first instance.
After working in advertising for over 16 years, all the campaigns I’ve ever worked on, we’ve got right under the skin of the target audience. Important questions to ask are what do they think? what do they ‘do’ / how do they consume? how do they communicate and what communication do ? what do we want them to think/do?
With our business, we work in a very busy marketing and design sector with thousands of competitors in our region.
For me, I’ve always been very competitive so like to be the first to do something. So we ran the First Gosforth Baby & Toddler Show and First Greener Gosforth Show.I set up the first Mums business network – Newcastle Business Mums and we set up the first NE Business Question time event. I won first best women’s network at NE WIN Awards 2011 and ran the first DIY marketing and  blogging for business workshops.So, my advice would be don’t do it all. Really look at your target audience and how they consume. See what you are capable of doing yourself and outsource if you need to. Take a look at my blog post on ‘how to choose an agency’ for top tips on how to look for a marketing agency/consultant.