As event producers we get to choose the event managers’ alternate to the “fantasy football” dream team day to day. We get to choose with whom we work to achieve the best result – every day. It’s great.


We pour our heart and soul into every event we deliver and we proudly mark anything we work on with a BeaconHouse Events seal of quality but a lot of what we deliver is down to the know how of other trained professionals.


The purpose of this blog is to highlight the benefits that we’ve found from having been lucky enough to develop relationships with skilled collaborators enabling us to achieve amazing results for our clients, and to encourage others to do the same.


From small things, big things can grow. We are a small team of skilled staff with specialist experience. Whatever skills we lack, we find. And we’re proud to say that most skills we seek are easily accessible across other small specialist businesses across the North East.


We’re good at almost everything (we’re modest too) and when we’re not so good we’ll give it a damn good try (what start up doesn’t?) but we’re also not so proud that we assume we’re experts in everything. We believe in quality and we thrive because of the relationships we build with other experts. We love events, we’re experts at producing events but we also want clients to have expert support across PR, photography, design, event dressing, video production and everything else.


It’s a total luxury to be able to call in other experts. It keeps our overheads low, shares the wealth and helps us to tailor every event experience in the best way to suit our clients’ requirements. We never become stifled or ‘same old’; we develop with our suppliers and production partners enabling us to always deliver the best of the best.


So when potential clients ask “what value can you bring us?” we have nothing short of an army ready to deliver the correct solution. More and more clients are using BeaconHouse Events because of their desire to maintain a lean team by utilising external resource, it works for them and it works for us! We’re a one-stop quality shop, buying ‘here’ always results in fantastic achievements. Which is entirely down to the dream team that surrounds us making the show go on.


We urge others to do the same, use experts, seek advice and lighten the load to improve your own quality of delivery. Collaboration is key to continuation and growth. So, if you’re a top designer, amazing technician, talented photographer, experienced marketer consider picking up the phone next time a job seems too big or not quite right for you – your perfect team could be waiting to help you out.

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