Content Marketing optionsGoogle alone produces 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide, so SEO and content quality are vital to any business with an online presence.

A recent SmartInsights Digital Marketing Trends survey showed 29.6% of marketers ranked Content Marketing as the most significantly commercial Digital Marketing Trend for 2015, followed by Big Data at 14.6% and Marketing Automation at 12.8% (personalisation and benavioural email marketing).

So, how does content marketing fit in with your marketing strategy?

What’s the first thing you do when you’re checking out a supplier? You Google them and check their website for information to validate their company. According to CEB, 57% of the customer purchase decision has been made before the customer contacts the supplier. Therefore it’s  really important that your website content is relevant and engaging. Writing web content

1. Who is going to write, distribute and evaluate your content?

One of your colleagues e.g. your marketing assistant may be good at day to day marketing communications, but are they really good at writing?

There are lots of people you could outsource your content to including; your creative or digital agency, freelance copywriters, freelance content writers or journalists.

It’s great you are going to be writing your content, but do you know when and where to send/post content and how you will measure it?

An agency should be able to help recommend good content curation tools which suit the type of business you’re in (there are many for B2B and B2C). They should also be able to help recommend a content distribution tool like Hootsuite or Sendible for example.

Again, it’s what you feel comfortable using, or will your agency manage it for you?

2. How do you get started? Within the industry, content marketing is becoming more targeted and personal, with an increasing need for more professional writers. This means there’s lots of others creating good, relevant content which you’re going to be competing against.

Have a think about your content, whether it’s your website content or email marketing and personalisation and think about what you really need to help improve the quality of your content and how you are measuring the results at the moment.

At Vicki Stone Marketing, we work with lots of our clients to help them develop a content strategy as part of their overall marketing plan.

If you think you could do with some help demystifying content marketing, we can help you develop a clear plan for your business. Give us a shout