During tough economic times, more and more businesses are collaborating with likeminded businesses to win more business and to add value to their existing marketing activity. Check out a list of our recommended networking and business events aimed at those wishing to meet other businesses for future collaboration.

This month we helped our clients Howlett & Dickinson Podiatrist and Michael Offord Optometrist collaborate to communicate to each of their patients through their newsletters.

It made perfect sense to extend their offers via cross promotion to add value for their patients and is cost effective too.

embarrassing_feetEmbarrassing feet

As part of its annual Feet for Life month in June, Howlett & Dickinson Podiatry is encouraging people in the North East to become more foot aware and not be embarrassed about seeking help where needed.

In their 30 years of business Carol Howlett & Judith Dickinson have seen it all, so there’s no need to be embarrassed about your feet.


For more information visit the Howlett & Dickinson website or call 0191 284 3698 to book an appointment.



embarrassing_glassesEmbarrassing glasses

Are you one of those people still wearing Deirdre Barlow 1980’s style glasses? Perhaps you’ve been wearing the same style of frames for years which you, your friends and family have grown used to. But a change could be what you need to look and feel good (and could take years off you too).

And if you bring your old glasses into the practice, the Michael Offord team will donate them to Vision Aid Overseas charity.


For more information visit the Michael Offord Optometrist website or call 0191 271 2140 to book an appointment.