Tech businessesThe North East has one of the highest number of  technology startups in the UK and there are thousands of people working in the digital and tech sector right here in the North East.  We’ve done lots mentoring at enterprise and startup weekend in Newcastle, lots of networking events where we meet people who have just started new businesses in this sector.

Coming from a more traditional ‘old school’ advertising and marketing background, I have to admit at first I was rather scared of new tech businesses (fear of the unknown and all that).

However, this all changed when we started working with Newcastle based startup company Reflective Thinking in December last year.

Reflective Thinking provide a range of collaborative learning tools that are suitable for a variety of learning environments such as face-to-face collaboration using tabletop technology or PCs with multi-mice. We helped them launch Digital Mysteries, their first collaborative learning tool designed to promote higher-level thinking skills and effective collaboration for groups of 2-4 students.

All I can say is that Digital Mysteries is amazing and if my kids are using it soon I’ll be over the moon!  Building Digital Mysteries was complicated and took a lot of time for the Reflective Thinking team, but the end product is presented so well and so clever, every teacher (and students) showed and used it has absolutely loved it, schools have already embraced it and are using it right now.

Digital Mysteries on the tabletop


At Vicki Stone Marketing, we helped the Reflective Thinking team sell the features and benefits of Digital Mysteries in a really simple way.

Marketing communications for tech businesses don’t have to be complicated. The message needs to be clear and straight to the point, otherwise we’d alienate our ‘time poor’ target audiences.

2013 sees us moving into working our traditional marketing slash sales with new tech businesses and so far, we’re enjoying the challenge and we’re having fun along the way too.

If you know any tech businesses who need a simple, clear approach to their marketing, communications or some help with sales please give us a shout