Northumberland Sausage Co logoSome of you will know that it’s British Sausage Week 3-9 November this year and to celebrate, we decided to find out more about the Northumberland Sausage Company. I learned how to make sausages the ‘proper way’ on their popular sausage making course.

A little bit about the Northumberland Sausage Company

Dr Claire Watson-Laney relocated from London from a scientific career working with leprosy, to her parents’ local farm shop in a small village called Wark in Northumberland. People would come for miles for the Waltons’ Wark Village Butchers pre-war recipe for perfect sausages. Claire decided to create the Northumberland Sausage Company, using this traditional recipe and started adding exciting things to it.

Passion for all things sausage

The business has grown over the last 4 and a half years to over 27 staff, with state-of-the-art sausage making facilities in Monkridge, as well the Fenwick Butchers counter in Newcastle. And not forgetting Wark Village Butchers and stockists across the North East.

The Company produces on average 2.3 tons of sausage per week, – an average of 29,900 sausages per week and an average of around 1.5 million sausages per year.  They use 2 tons of fresh red onions a year, 52 litres of Tarset Valley Marmalade a year, and 300kg of Cracked Black Pepper a year.

Sausage making courses

Over 3,500 people have attended the Northumberland Sausage Company’s infamous sausage making courses, run by the quick witted, delightful, Timothy Sausage.

Create your own proper sausages

Imagine, Great British Bakeoff, but in a portacabin in Brockbushes carpark. Doesn’t sound very glam, but I can assure you it was one heck of an experience I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend. We attended the afternoon course which included all sorts of people of all ages and walks of life, from mothers and daughters, a young couple on an ‘alternative’ date, to a party of five who had cycled all the way from Ponteland.

All of us with one thing in common, to learn how to make good quality sausages ourselves. Sausage making machineI don’t want to give too much away on the sausage making course, but I can say that with a good mincing and sausage making machine complete with some expert tuition from Timothy Sausage, we create some brilliant looking and great tasting sausages.

We even got to choose our own flavours, so we went with Piri Piri & red onion as well as Tomato, Basil and red onion. I’d recommend the courses as you learn a lot about how sausages are made, what makes a good quality sausage and you get to take your sausages home too. If you have one of those family members who is ‘hard to buy for’, the course would make a great birthday or Christmas present.

Lots of laughs, you learn something and get to take your bangers home. For more information on the courses visit the website.

Thanks again to Timothy Sausage and the team for making me feel welcome and enjoy the whole experience. By the time we got onto our 2nd batch of bangers, we felt like pro’s!

Pork sausages

Only the best pork shoulder


Proper pork sausages

Our perfect pork sausages made on the course