At the end of 2014, coastal estate agents Brannen & Partners commissioned Vicki Stone Marketing to undertake some brand perception research.

Following this research, we identified a need for some activity to boost Brannen & Partners’ awareness for selling homes in the coastal areas.

Brannen & Partners we sell homes ad campaign by Vicki Stone Marketing


In January 2015 we launched the ‘We sell homes’ campaign. This included an advertising campaign with outdoor presence at the coastal Metro stations and ads in the regional press. We also designed and printed attractive, impactful canvassing leaflets.

The campaign was a success, with house valuations remaining high in the months to follow, alongside a rise in overall instructions and sales.






Brannen & Partners We rent propertiesBrannen and Partners we rent properties ads

The success of this simply executed campaign led to the creation of a follow-up Lettings campaign “We rent properties” introducing the clever use of keys and people icons to attract new properties onto the market.








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