Creative in a digital ageAt the recent Advertising Association’s annual conference on 29th January,  Sara Tate, Mother London’s managing director, has warned the industry not to overlook the importance of creativity in the excitement about digital opening up new ways of reaching consumers.

She said: “There is a risk that we overlook the importance of creativity as we become so excited by new forms of access [to consumers].
“The industry may be able to use new technologies to ensure the right message reaches the right people at the right time, but if it is not engaging or entertaining, consumers will not welcome them.” See the full article in Marketing

Coming from a traditional advertising and creative background, I guess you can say I’ve been spoilt with high levels of creativity, having worked with and still work with some of the cleverest art directors and copywriters in the game. We’ve consistently delivered a high level of creativity and clever creative campaigns that hit the mark and get good results. I agree with Sarah Tate – if the consumer doesn’t get it by the concept being too weak, then they won’t buy into it and a campaign can fail.

Thinking about creativity, it all comes down to the idea and how it’s executed. I’m amazed at how much advertising (from both large and smaller companies) I see delivering weak ads, which don’t work, flogging the features and totally forgetting the unique benefits.

Gone are the glory days of massive advertising agencies in the UK’s regional scene. We’ve all grown up now. Many of us having started our own companies and we pool our talent and work collaboratively. So our clients are getting the highest level of creativity and strategy with a hands on approach, with the big brands experience to boot. I remember in my big agency days, all the directors would pitch for the work, win the account and pass the work to the junior teams. With the new breed of grown up smaller agencies and studios, clients have the benefit of getting that senior level hands-on approach at all times.

If you’re a Marketing Manager or MD of a company and you deal with your agencies, really think about all your external agencies and what you’re truly getting from them. Do you have a joined up approach where they work together well or do you keep them separate? Digital and traditional marketing and design people can be very different. They both need each other, creatively and tactically so by working together as a team you’re going to get much better results.

If you’re looking to review your agency/ies soon, give us a shout. We might be able to help you choose the right combination of people for your team.