Working with lots of new and exisitng SME’s, means we work with all types of businesses and individuals. We meet with many new clients, many of which don’t have a marketing plan and some of which don’t even measure the marketing they are spending money – in particular with advertising.

Some of our clients are excellent at what they do, but admit they are as one client puts it ‘rubbish at marketing’, so they need some outside help.

When lots of people we first talk to think of marketing and design agencies they think = expensive. So many of which try to create and implement their own marketing. Some of these companies are fantastic at it, some just need a little bit of help getting new fresh ideas and planning.

So, my top 5  tips for getting more hands on and the most out of your marketing are:

1. Make sure you have a marketing plan. It  doesn’t have to be a massive complex document (like many business plans can be). It could just be a single page in excel for each month.

2. Bring in a creative agency or consultant. It might be that you only need them for the ideas generation, where you can pay them by the hour for their strategic advice and a ‘fresh pair of eyes’. We work with clients on a ‘pay as you go’ basis in this way.

3. Make sure you review and measure every campaign on an on-going basis. If you’re spending money/time or both you need to know if it is working and if it’s not, change direction or tweek the offer or promotion.

4. Keep a watchful eye on your competitors – they might even inspire you to come up with a new idea. Go and see them speak at seminars, read their blog posts and see what they’re tweeting about.

5. Collaborate with other small companies to share the cost of a campaign. Companies who collaborate often appeal to a wider audience, so for example if you are an IT company using cloud technology you might want to collaborate with other companies who use the cloud.

If you’re a small or even large company and you need some marketing help – from ideas generation, to marketing strategy to just doing it, please give us a shout on or