Punch and judy beach shot

For those of us lucky enough to have had a holiday earlier this year it was great to down tools and jet off abroad for a total escape.

But for many service-based and consumer businesses, August sees a quieter time when many clients and customers go into ‘holiday mode’ as soon as the kids break up from school. At Vicki Stone Marketing we are still quite busy, it’s fair to say it’s not our peak time so in August we’re often found working on our clients and our marketing strategy planning for September onwards.

So, if you are a little quieter in August what sorts of jobs and tasks could you be doing which could benefit your business in the Autumn?

1. Cleanse your data – by cleansing your existing client list and details as well as your prospects list, you can come back in September with a fresh new approach to potential new and existing customers.

2. Look for new customers – If many of your clients have gone into holiday or go-slow mode, why not try looking for some new customers – start seeding by making that initial contact, by phone or perhaps a new enewsletter or a simple postcard.

3. Generate some new marketing ideas to get ready for September. If you are working with a marketing or design company tell them about your plans and work with them to generate new ideas. If you’re looking to grow your business, there’s still up to 40% funding available for B2B businesses through NBSL or Investment for Growth . Applications can take some thinking time, so when you’re not so busy it is ideal and you won’t feel so rushed.

4. Have a holiday and get your business partner, colleague or assistant to ‘babysit your business’! What we do in our business is, one works while the other looks after the kids for 6 weeks and we seem to get the balance right. If you don’t work with your other half – perhaps a holiday would do the trick and you could get a virtual assistant, colleague to babysit your workload while you are away. Check out Lyndsey Britton’s blog post on the benefits of a holiday. It doesn’t have to be weeks in the Caribbean – just a week or even a long weekend away from it all!

5. Have an away day – If you really can’t take a considerable amount of time off – take an away day to a remote place where there’s not a good phone signal, have some fresh air and enjoy some ‘me’ time.