Lego Simpsons houseIn this post, I’d like to share a recent experience which focuses on brand loyalty, how it is so important that companies work hard at retaining their brand essence and brand values with other retailers when selling their products.

Our youngest child saved furiously for months for the Lego Simpsons House, so as soon as we hit £179.99 we raced down to Toys R Us, grabbed the box and at the cashier we were told that the £10 lego loyalty deal had ended the previous day (despite calling twice to confirm it was still on). We then explained that it was such a momentous occasion for a 6 year old to save for this toy he’d been wanting for ages. They simply said there was nothing they could do.

So, we left the box on the counter, told them we were off to the Lego shop and in no way did they try to persuade us to stay.

When we entered the Lego Shop, the staff were friendly as usual and unprompted, even said how great it was he had saved his money. They gave us 3 free figures and VIP points on our Lego card to the value of £5.

The Lego Shop now have a customer for life, but what about Toys R Us? And how easy is it to replicate brand values and customer experience?

The Toys R Us  retail staff did not consider the lifetime customer value of my 6 year old and how much it cost the company to advertise to get him there to the toy.  In a digital world, winning the attention of a customer is a science. Recent Forrester research describes the “Age of the consumer” where the customer is in control and the only way for brands to differentiate is by delivering an optimal customer experience.

An optimal customer experience was certainly felt from the moment we visited the Lego shop, paid for the lego, and got it home when we opened the box, to reading the instructions to adding that final brick on the roof.

The partnership between Lego and Toys R Us need to be stronger and from our experience, improved significantly through staff training to ensure that Toys R Us live and breathe the Lego brand for a consistent customer retail experience.

We’re buying the Lego Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart in a month’s time for a certain 7 year old’s birthday which will warrant another trip to the Lego Shop for sure.