Marketing helping handAt Vicki Stone Marketing, we help our clients with their marketing in many ways.

Some clients need us most for our creativity and ideas as their agency. Some need us for business development.

One thing all our clients have in common is holding their hands up to say that they don’t have the capacity to do it themselves.

Working in a busy marketing department when you have a member of staff on honeymoon for 3 weeks, or taking a longer period of time off for maternity leave it can put pressure on any Marketing Manager, Head of Marketing or Exec’s workload and can have an effect on the productivity of the team.

You might not need someone full time, just from time to time when you know you’re busy.

After working in small and larger marketing departments myself, many teams need a little (or a lot) of help from time to time.

So at Vicki Stone Marketing we offer a helping hand when it’s needed most.

You could be exhibiting at a trade show and you’ve simply not got the resources to maintain the stand. That’s where we come in.

Being flexible, we can work at any level, having worked B2B and B2C with Global and National brands in advertising and ad agencies, but also in-house as Head of Marketing and Marketing Manager levels.

We can deliver any of the following (this list is not exhaustive, btw);

  • Help with exhibitions – setting up, organising, exhibiting and promoting on the day (an extra sales person and pair of feet – we all know it gets tiring all day long).
  • Another strategic brain for you to sound out your strategy when you’re planning or analysing.
  • Helping you manage your creative resources in-house or externally.
  • Time consuming market research projects e.g. in-depth customer surveys, steering focus groups, competitor research.
  • Helping you create an agency pitch brief and being an objective fresh pair of eyes and marketing brain.
  • Cleansing your prospect databases.
  • Helping you deliver marketing workshops or training to your non-marketing colleagues.

Don’t suffer and try to do it all (I know, I’ve been there). Give us a shout or call 0191 213 5737.