When was the last time you updated or even looked at your twitter profile. Is it the same as when you first signed up?
A lot has changed over the past few months so it may be time now to take a look.
Here are a few ways to use Twitter to the full.
1. Revisit your profile picture.
This is the small image that sits next to all of your tweets. The image itself is small and square and may not lend itself to your company logo. If your logo is not square it may look distorted or even cut off at the edges, which is not what you want. Consider using a head and shoulders shot of you, but make sure it is a good quality.


2. Profile Header images.
A recent change to the Twitter account profile enables your Twitter profile to start with a main image, similar to Facebook. Unlike the Facebook timeline image the Twitter header image allows text. The image forms the backdrop for the overlayed information. Profile image, name, twitter handle, bio, location and web address.

With a bit of imagination you can use it to promote amongst other things, a welcome message, promote an e-book, folio of work, testimonials, show products, push a brand, promote your hash tag, collage of friends, recipes or art.

3. Photostream.
When you add a header image twitter automatically changes your photostream from 4 to 6 images plus the thumbnail size increases.

4. Visual Branding.
Consider customising your main background to fit it with other marketing materials.

5. Rewrite your Twitter bio.
You have 160 characters to sell you and your business. What do you do? How do you help your customers? Inject a bit of personality. “I love pies” Link to your website. Even better still set up a twitter landing page on you website and link to that. It gives you the chance to expand on the 160 characters.

6. Advertise.
Ensure your Twitter name and or hashtag is on other business literature. Business cards, email signature, leaflets and website. Make it easy for people to follow you.

7. Who you follow.
Analyse who you follow. Are they tweeting, are they a real person. There are tools to assist with this.

8. Photos.
Add photos to your tweets. It is easy to do from a smart phone and a mobile app. It will encourage interaction with your tweets.

9. Create a #hashtag strategy.
Before engaging in social media campaigns consider your #hashtag. They help users follow you messages around a particular topic or event.
a. Keep it simple and make sure it not being used for something else.
b. Advertise it on your literature.

10. Create lists.
You can organise twitter users into groups called ‘lists’. When you view a list, you’ll see a twitter stream of all the users that are included in that group. Instead of trying to keep up with every update from every one you follow, you can concentrate on the list that is most useful to you at a particular time. You can keep your lists private or go public with them.

11. Revisit steps 1-10 every few months.

Let us know what you think. What creative ways do you use with Twitter for your business.